William Burnett aka Black Deer releases the 6 track EP, The Last Tortuga.

Emotional Response is delighted to release The Last Tortuga by Black Deer.   A relatively new project from Brooklyn DJ/producer William Burnett, the EP has in fact been a long time planning between artist and label for almost two years.


Developing a more experimental side to his music than heard before, this collection mixes techno with 12 string acoustic, new beat rhythms, ambient / drone collages and krautrock textures.


Programmed to create an EP that pushes his music in new tangents, it does however look back to some of the themes touched on in his Grackle productions of 2005-2009.


While the time since has seen William release a successful selection of house and techno EPs via his Willie Burns alias, as well as launching his increasingly popular WT Record label, it is with Black Deer that he is able express a deeper and more expansive outlook.