ERS007 – Luke Wyatt – Teen Hawk





As one of the rising stars of the East Coast US electronic scene, Luke’s releases on both L.I.E.S Records and Valcrond Video introduced his cut up, glitchy take on House, Techno and R&B that have recently edged deeper and darker in to the Industrial and Noise realms.


This has been complimented by two recent DVDs, self-released under his own name that perfectly mix his day as a professional multi-media artist with his night as an increasingly experimental musician and have gained considerable acclaim that can’t be simply pigeon holed as another Brooklyn House producer.


As his debut EP, Tarifa testified, there is also an ethereal and at times balearic feel buried within this music and it is here, on Teen Hawk – an LP and CD collection of his early works – that it is as evident as any Drone based works.


An attention to detail, particularly melody, are encompassed within effects and kraut machine rhythms that still provide swing and leftfield intent.   The rolling percussion and rhythms of Bertone Stratos and I Recommend Starman echo the ethereal beauty of Cluster and La Dusseldorf, but are accompanied by the darker ambient and loop based Wrong Crowd or Greystoke One that hark to Reich minimalism.


Riding throughout much of this is his beloved looped guitar and eye for a breakbeat.   Never more evident that on the album closer, Time For Thick.   Here his influences mesh to create a swirling, blissed out, R&B meets Aphex mudma anthem.