Luke Wyatt presents Teen Hawk, a collection of early his works

Emotional Response welcomes Luke Wyatt to the label with an outstanding collection of his early, unreleased recordings.   Jumping out of sequence to ERS007, the LP and our first CD, covers 12 tracks of Luke’s unique enveloping sound.


Working under a series of pseudonyms – Torn Hawk, Lossmaker and as Luke Wyatt – his releases have taken him from unknown to a producer to watch in barely a year.


Taking a step back to his youth in Washington D.C, Teen Hawk shows his more recent machine rhythms tracks can be backed up with an ethereal, experimental side that was first glimpsed on his debut EP.


The album provides a true cross-section of his music that has not been seen before.   From drone based ambience to motorik inspired anthems, often accompanied by his uplifting guitar, Teen Hawk flows perfectly as the whole.