ERS011 – Daywalker + CF – Shimmer

With a debut appearance in auspicious company on Gerd Janson’s “Music For Autobahns” compilation for Rush Hour last year, followed shortly after by an EP on the L.I.E.S white label series, the next move these Brooklyn based, studio sharing producers made together was always going to be of considerable interest.


Having carved out their own unique spaces in an increasingly packed electronic gravy train, WT Records boss William Burnett aka Willie Burns / Black Deer, working alongside friend Jon Beall – more widely known as the elusive Entro Senestre – really push the boundaries across all 4 cuts.


From the start, the variation from the almost brutal, no holds barred, slam of Snake Charmer is then contrasted with the deep techno throb of Take Me To Your Leader. It the EPs namesake though that caught the label’s ear and pointed in a direction all protagonists want to explore. 4/4 kick and key stabs begin before a rattling breakbeat propels the track back to the fields of Buckinghamshire to the early proto-days of Rage, mixing a dash of “intelligence’ era Warp before being pulled back with a genius subsonic touch of piano for the finale – a hark to hands in the air past.


To end, a return to introspection, with the codeine dose of Hold Me Take Me Leave Me and it’s forlorn call of keys, vocal snipes and crashing snare.    Overall, an EP that accepts what has gone before but is very much looking to the future.  What Daywalker + CF do next will be worth hearing.