ERS006 – Musiccargo – Harmonie





The Musiccargo pairing of Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl can be seen as modern day exponents of the Krautrock sound Düsseldorf first pioneered.   With each bringing a history and expertise to the project that can be clearly heard throughout Harmonie.


Moving forward from their debut Hand In Hand, the new album ashews a drum heavy sound to explore calmer rhythms and atmospherics.   Encompassed for much of the album in a warm, cocooned ambience, this is clearly heard in the opening refrain that is Domino.   A lament to Summers passing, its creates a perfect introduction, mixing Gerhard’s lilt with Gordon’s whispered vocals.


This opening leads to the more familiar combination of rhythm and live instrumentation, drums softly appearing against plucked guitar on La Era and then again later on Tip Top, before more percussive elements join ethereal undertones on Das Buch and Sol Lucet Omnibus.


The clearest acknowledgement of their forebears is saved until last, on the aptly titled closing song, Adieu Und Adios.   A spiraling and uplifting celebration of their collaboration, percussion and guitar in harmony together.   Of possibly endings or farewells?   Only time will tell.