ERS003 – Secret Circuit – Tropical Psychedelics




After first coming across Eddie’s idiosyncratic music over a decade ago with his Moderator EP under the classic Dada Munchamonkey alias, to have him release an album’s worth of material from his extensive privately pressed cassette releases is of great pleasure for the label.


The sheer body of work made selecting the tracks and styles of music Eddie covers quite a task, however the premise was simple – to cover all spectrums.   From the balearic tones of opener White Hills to the pop vocals of Walkin’ On The Water or the techno throb of Afrobotics, Secret Circuit has a sound most definitely of it’s own making.


When first talking to Eddie, the title of the album came almost immediately as the resulting album is literally a Balearic-Tropical-Afro-Psychedelic whirl of soundscapes and colour.