ERS001 – Alan Hurst – Nzambi



The work of multi-instrumentalist (and muliti-pseudonymalist) Jason Letkiewicz a man behind numerous projects – Innergaze (Minimal Wave/Cititrax), Steve Summers (Clone/Future Times) and Malvoeaux (100% Silk/L.I.E.S) – Jason’s many faces are finally finding the recognition they deserve.


Returning to his Alan Hurst soundtrack/library project sees Jason go deeper in to experimental electronics than his debut album, Processed World.


Using original source material from a documentary commission for a soundtrack on modern Haitian Voodoo, Nzambi takes the nascent influences of John Carpenter and Goblin to produce an album full of brooding, deep hypnotic rhythms and uncertain soundscapes.   Hinting at a darkness not seen in Jason’s previous work, we present the Nzambi – the self-existent who sees and knows all.