Emotional Response returns with remixes of Alan Hurst’s modern day soundtrack, Nzambi


Emotional Response returns to Alan Hurst’s album with three remixes from some of today’s more experimental electronic producers     Taking the originals dark source material each artist creates their own vision within to provide varied interpretations spread from deep dub techno, John Carpenter meets EBM moves and ethereal closing titles.


The success in releasing a horror soundtrack as our (official) first release led us to approach Terekke, Timothy J Fairplay and Jonas Reinhardt to take the music in to new realms and the EP certainly does that,  pushing the sound beyond the norms of the techno, house and ambient genres to provide a further marker for what the label is about.


The resulting EP has a cohesive feel and sound, with a (dub) warmth to the music, but carrying the darkness from the album forward.