Alessio Natazalia’s Not Waving project present the Human Capabilities LP

For our first album of the year, Emotional Response is pleased to announce Human Capabilities, the second long player from Alessio Natalizia’s brilliant Not Waving project.


Between his collaboration with Sam Willis as Walls, and compiling the “Mutazione” compilation of Italian New Wave 1980-1988 for Strut Records, Natalizia recorded Human Capabilities over the course of a year in London, developing the darker more industrial influenced sound than previous projects.


Expanding on debut Umwelt and the cassette only album Redacted, harder percussive tracks are set alongside explorations of melody, hypnotic rhythms and industrial atmospheres. With Human Capabilities, Mr Natalizia reveals a new, softer approach with beautifully subtle pieces that close each side.


As 2014 looks like another busy and successful year for Natalizia, with material due from Walls, plus a number of releases on Ecstatic, we’re delighted to welcome Not Waving to the label.