The Naturals

Are the Naturals actually the Laughing Light of Plenty?

Did the same two people create the same two recordings?

Are they even the same recordings?

The only way to tell is to listen for ourselves.

First, somehow find the original long playing double disc with gatefold cover.

Rumor has it that they sit in the hundreds in cardboard boxes in a garage in Japan.

This is where you can start looking.

That would be a great start on your voyage to the laughing light!

You may pass a babbling brooke on the way to the peak of normal.

If you do the flow motion, you are welcome to sit with us and regale on these past times.

Are there more to come?

Surely there are.

As long as we have the pulse.

Why wasn’t atmospheric man accepted into the rankings of this fine audio tome you now hold?

Is this truly the lost artifact?

A 17 minute tone poem written one night while under the effects of heavy yoga?

When will there be mention of the ballistic mammal-monkey?

At least we have the oranges and blues to percolate our chakras and bounce us along on the way.

Can we begin to hold this time up for inspection through the looking glass or even a microscope?

The devil is in the details and we have seen trails and we have followed these trails to some avail.

Yes, we did journey and when we reached the stone, we did carve upon it many concentric circles that travel inward from the mighty outer orbit.

This is where you may set your needle to begin your own journey.

Please take us with you.




The Naturals.